We declare the Skratchmaster contest open! For the next two months, send us picture of your custom-made diorama using Krosmaster figurines, and try to gain some amazing prizes. You can also vote for your favorite creation, and allow them to gain even more prizes! 

Are you the King of the Paintbrushes? The Master of the Hobby Knife? The Paragon of the Green Stuff? Well, good news: we have something just for you. It’s time for us to announce Skratchmaster 2!

Skratchmaster is our semi-regular contest that is all about painting and customizing Krosmaster figurines. We know there is a community that likes nothing more than doing just that, and we have seen some impressive works already. Look at those pictures coming straight from the first Skratchmaster contest (during the France Championship in 2013):

We decided it was time for us to put Skratchmaster in the spotlight again. This time, instead of focusing on a single figurine, we will ask you to make a diorama with a couple figurines instead. This would allow for more creativity on your part.

To make the contest accessible to all of you, it will happen exclusively through the Internet: you won’t have to physically ship your works to us, a couple pictures will be enough. This also allows us to make Skratchmaster 2 an international contest, where every community is welcome. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to vote for your favorites and give their author additional prizes!
So, are you hooked yet? If so, you should keep reading this article, for we’re about to explain the rules of the contest, and the prizes you might win in the end…

How do I enter the contest?

The complete rules (in French) are available by following this link. Here’s a summary for your personal use:

Skratchmaster will be held between the 7th of April and the 31th of May (until 11:59 PM, Paris time).

You will have to create a diorama: a small scene with characters and setting, telling a story or picturing a moment in time the way a photograph would do. There is no hard limit on the size of your set, but it must stay coherent with the size of the figurines, and be easily transportable.

Your diorama must contain exactly two characters. No more, no less! Every Krosmaster figurine can be used, and customization is encouraged (that’s the point of the contest, after all). You may also add one mob or mechanism token (such as a 3D Wabbit or Water Bomb) to your scene, but no more than that.
To participate to our contest, you must send us 2 to 4 pictures of your creation. Since we can’t have your diorama physically in front of us, we can only judge its quality with those pictures: get your best camera and be extra careful!

Send us your pictures either by e-mail, at, by private message on our Facebook profile, or by Ankabox to [Dewit]. In order to contact you afterwards, you will also need to add to this message your name, e-mail, postal address, pseudonym on the Ankama forums, and your favorite nickname (if it’s different from the Ankama pseudonym).
Only one entry in the contest per person will be accepted. We won’t take into account any new picture you send us after your first participation, even if it’s to “update” your entry.

Your work will be judged by two different juries, both terrible and ruthless. The first one is composed of experts from Ankama studios, and they will judge under specific criteria: the set itself, the colors, the direction of the scene, the character’s poses and the materials used. The second jury is… the community, which means you! You will have the opportunity to vote and support your favorite works, and elect three more champions.
Just because the entire contest is taking place on the Internet should not mean we forget the more direct, humane aspect of our community. That’s why, in exchange for the prizes you will win, you will have to give your diorama as a trophy for a local tournament. You may hand your work to an official arbiter or to your local game shop, or offer it yourself if you’re present at the event. This way, your local community will benefit from your victory in the contest!
Your attention please! This is very important: since the contest is held internationally, we would like to circumvent any abuse, like community bashing or biased votes. As such, this contest will be strictly anonymous. You may not indicate your name of sign your pictures in any way. Until the final rankings are up, do not post pictures of your creation anywhere on the Internet, as it might be used to identify you.

Here’s how we will proceed: send us your pictures, through private means, and we will then publish it on our own sites (like our Facebook page). You are then free to share links to those publications, as long as you don’t reveal who’s the author of those pictures.
These rules will be enforced, any infringement may result in your disqualification!


Community’s prize: at the end of the vote, the first three contestants in the community’s ranking will receive a Gold Terminatot and an XXL figurine, in addition to any prize given by the Ankama jury!
First place: A one-day trip to visit Ankama Studios in Roubaix (France), a Wakfu and Stasis Terminatot, a Multiman pack, a signed Frigost poster, a signed Multiman poster, a special t-shirt, a voucher for one random online Krosmaster figurine.
Second and third place: A Wakfu and Stasis Terminatot, a Multiman pack, a signed Frigost poster, a signed Multiman poster, a special t-shirt, a voucher for one random online Krosmaster figurine.
4th to 10th place: A Multiman pack, a signed Frigost poster, a signed Multiman poster, a special t-shirt, a voucher for one random online Krosmaster figurine.
11th to 20th place: A signed Multiman poster, a special t-shirt, a voucher for one random online Krosmaster figurine.
21st to 50th place: a special t-shirt, a voucher for one random online Krosmaster figurine.
Here you go, you know everything that there is to know about Skratchmaster! Get to your brush and paint already, and show us what you got! Good luck everyone!
ANKAMA PRODUCTS (Handelregister Metropole Lille: RCS 514 418 060) angesiedelt 75 bd d’Armentières 59100 Roubaix – Frankreich, führt vom 07.04.2014 bis zum 09.06.2014 einen kostenlosen Wettbewerb ohne Verpflichtung zum Kauf mit dem Namen "Skratchmaster 2" durch, der in der Erstellung eines Dioramas (dreidimensionale Nachbildung einer Szene) mit zwei Krosmaster-Figuren besteht. Die Gesamtgewinne können bis zu 4887 Euro entsprechen. Die Gewinner werden von einer Jury aus Angestellten von ANKAMA PRODUCTS und durch eine öffentliche Auswahl bestimmt. Die Ergebnisse werden mit einer News auf und (und den entsprechenden URL für die anderen Sprachen) bekanntgegeben. Regeln hinterlegt bei der SCP ROY-LEMOINE-GALY (41 bd de Valmy 59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq und verfügbar auf