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Season 3 trades

By -Foosninja-#8751 April 30, 2015, 09:51:32
Updated: I got everything I need but a close friend of mine who does not have a long standing account here, seems to have gotten the same box as me. He was missing Otamai and Kannibal Theiry as well. So I'm going to vouch for him. I'll put my reputation on the line and will guarantee anyone trading with him, won't have any problems. I'll handle getting the two of you in touch via e-mail. I believe what he's has extras of is all the dragons, Corcabula for sure, and his other double Uncommon is Buck Anear I believe. And he's got some common double..(not listed here). And any extra promo stuff I have below I'll trade to make a deal for him.

Updated...after making an Otomai deal.

Updated with Promo figure names.
Looking for:

Kanniball Archer
Kannibal Thiery
Victor Von Voom

All Piwates
Buck Anear
Dreggoog the Downunder
Dragossiper the Nag
Argonne Gass
Raul Straud
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Could I do a Archer for a downunder?
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Oh sorry I picked up an Archer off e-bay.

All I'm looking for from season 3 is Kanniball Thierry.

HOWEVER - I'll help you out if you like. Do you have another common double that I don't have listed?

I'll trade you Downunder for any other Common from season 3, just don't send me one I already have a double of...don't want 3 of anything.

(or if you have an extra Thierry, or Victor Von Voom, I'll trade you an uncommon and for him and toss in the Downunder.)

e-mail me at: foosninja at hotmail dot com.
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do you have doubles of Dragosiper or kaniball jav?
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Do you mean Draggosiper the Nag? Yes I do.

No double of Jav though.
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I would like to trade for the Boomba, I have Reul Stroud, Percidal, and Victor don Voom for trade.
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Do you want to trade Victor for Boomba?

If so, e-mail me at foosninja at hotmail dot com, and we'll exchange addresses and such.
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I have an Otomai with code. I am looking for Buck Anear.
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