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Looking for Rare Pieces...

By Vragar#9823 August 16, 2015, 06:46:20
Hi all!

I'll try to put down a request on the International forum, trying to find some pieces that are not aviable in my country.

I'm searching for:

Maskemane (Prototype) and Remington Smisse (Prototype)

Those 2 pieces were given with a Maskemane comic some times ago.
This comics never reached my country, so I'm looking for this pieces hoping to find them.
They have the green base, and are paired with their relative cards.

I've got another request... Since there will be the PAX at Seattle from the 28 to the 31 of August, I'm asking if anyone will be so kind to take a copy of both Cardboard Tube Samurai and Nemesis Samurai for me, to send by international mail.

I'm sure that me and this kind person will find a common point to reward his efforts. biggrin

Please contact me if you have any of those pieces.

Many thanks, Matt.
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