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Trading Pax Promos

By joffreybieber#2750 November 04, 2015, 21:11:15
Hi guys,

I just recently got into Krosmaster and I was lucky enough to do so through a Pax demo. As such, I have the two Penny Arcade promos (well, they're in the mail... the shipment was late for Aus).

I see they're rather sought after on Ebay (looks like something around 80-100 AUD on average, each)... for me though, as a new player, I think although they're really cool to have, I think I'd rather have figures that would be useful in the short-medium term in developing my collection.

I've got a bunch of models coming in the post, but ideally, I'd like to get the things I didn't buy so I can start fresh with Season 3.

Here's what my list of wants is:

1x Phaeris (I understand he's a bit chase and seems to go around 40 AUD on ebay)
1x Lou
1x Coa Gulary
1x Moe Lawr
2x Quentin Flush
2x Raul Bak
1x Theo
1x Diver Birel

I get that most of these are common. I do really want the online codes still unused also.

If you think you can hook me up here, let me know and we can talk details. I'm also open to offers of other swag to pimp my collection out too. If I can't trade, I'll also accept cash via paypal - but honestly, I'd rather just have the dudes.

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Just to clarify, you're not interested in shipping to the US right?
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More than happy to post if the potential trader is happy to reciprocate. Means both of us have to eat the shipping cost (which is probably going to run around 20$ or so). Although it'd be much better to trade with a local - it doesn't seem likely tongue 

Well, they've arrived - had no luck with trading, so trying ebay if anyone's interested:
Click here
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Hi, Isent you a PM, check your anka-box wink 
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I have replied smile 
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still avalable?
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