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Looking to trade some figures (EU based)

By Sjeng-77#9068 January 11, 2016, 21:49:47
Hi! I'm trying to complete my collection, but I've never traded these figures before. What's the usual way? Do you trade commons for commons and rares for rares? Which ones are what? If there's anyone in the EU who could help (Preferably in the NL, or BE), that would be awesome smile

I'm missing:

Promo's: (no idea if these are available at all)
- Cleophee/Cleome
- Quilby (Traitor)
- Yugo Young King
- Adamai (Dragon)
- Phaeris (Devastated)
- Percedal (Percywar)
- Terminatot
- Terminatot Stasis
- Goldenrod Terminatot
- Dark Vlad's Mount

Season 2:
- Theo
- Elite Riktus
- Harry Sah

Season 3: Still need them all...
- Boomba
- Hazwonarm
- Buck Anear
- Le Chouque
- Crocabulia
- Dragostess
- Dragossiper the Nag
- Draggoog the Downunder
- Demoniball
- Minotoror
- Moon
- Otomai
- Kanniball Andchain
- Kanniball Archer
- Kanniball Jav
- Kanniball Sarbak
- Kanniball Thierry
- Yugo Unleashed
- Arty
- Darkli Moon
- Grougaloragran - Old
- Ogrest - Child
- Joris - Master
- Grampy - Shopkeeper

I can trade (with their keycodes, unused):
- Season 1 Alternate Terrain and Demonic Rewards Tiles (fall colours)
- Yugo promo (2x)
- Amalia promo (2x)
- Nox promo
- Argon Gass promo
- Pandalida
- Elogio
- Ira Tayte
- Diver Birel
- Chrissy Entrinch
- Raul Bak
- Katsu Mi

All of the above characters have their card + punchboard + keycode. (the boxes themselves are gone).

All of my cards are in English, and I am also looking for English versions. I'm willing to make exceptions for the really hard to find promo's. I also want the keycodes of course, but willing to make an exception for the rare promo's here too.
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