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Krosmaster Figures for Trade

By April 19, 2016, 22:50:16
Trades i am looking for:

Nemesis Samurai
Cardboard Samurai
Grampy - Shopkeeper
Darkli Moon

I also would consider the Piwate Island set and Duel Pack 3 since we're still waiting on their US release.

These are the Krosmaster figures i have to trade, all figures have unused codes and brand new in boxes where applicable:

Minotoror (s3 Rare, gold base w foil card)
Moon (s3 Rare)
Kanniball Thierry (s3 Rare)
Kanniball Archer (s3, gold base w foil card)
Kanniball Sarbak (s3)
Kanniball Jav (s3)
Dragossiper the Nag (s3, gold base w foil card)
Dreggoog the Downunder (s3)
Dragostess (s3, gold base w foil card)
Hazwonarm (s3)
Deminoball (s3, gold base w foil card)

Arthur Bine (promo)
Nox (promo)
Argon Gass (promo)
Goultard the Barbarian (promo)
Count Frigost (promo)
Terminatot v1 (promo)
Terminatot v2 Stasis (promo)
Young Kerubim (promo)
Old Kerubim (promo)
Joris (promo)

Grey Dice x8 (s2/3 tournament kit)
Red Dice x8 (s2/3 tournament kit)

St Ballotwine Promotion (3d tokens, not looking to get rid of all but could part with a few):
- 3 Pink Tofu
- 3 Black Tofu
- 2 Pink Mastogob
- 2 Black Mastogob
- 2 Pink Gobball
- 2 Black Gobball
- 2 Pink Wabbit

I also have a bunch of unpunched cardboard terrain pieces and tokens (including full terrain sheets from Piwate Island) if you need/want anything like that.

PM me if interested!
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Hi, pal. I'm sorta lost here. The Season 3 Exclusive Figurines can't be purchased anywhere? Or where I can find them?
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Which figures are you referring to specifically?
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I've just got Joris - Master and Phaeris. And I should ship from Italy... So I think it would be a little bit expensive (I've got no idea of the shipping cost).
If you're interested anyway feel free to contact me; I'm confident that a solution could be found if needed. wink 
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Joe Doc. I'm searching for all the S3 promos minus Arty, now.

-Dark Vlad-Karnated
-Darkli Moon

Also I think I have Joris Promo twice but I'm not sure. lemme search.

Vragar, Im interested in Joris Master.
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Contact me via Ankabox Chanoko. Tell me where are you from, and I'll check for the shpping costs. wink
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Are you alive people? Haven't received any reply, recently.
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