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Cemetery Park Trades

By Syntek April 16, 2017, 16:09:55

Lord Crow
Mopy King

The Nun
Puny Vampire

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Score : 56

sphincter cell

lord crow
invisible chafer

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Score : 67

I have invisible chafer in either German or French if you're interested in trading for sphincter cell.

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Score : 5

have for sale or trade:

Friar Tubs: $5
Skidmonk: $3 (head broke off in box, I super glued it back in place)
Felonious Monk: $5
Grim Preacher: $5

2x Card set lot:
Krosmaster: Arena – 2x cards (2 copies)
Krosmaster: Arena – Season 2 – 2x cards (2 copies)
Krosmaster: Arena – Frigost 2x cards (2 copies)
$20 or trade for the full bunch.

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Score : 5

Still looking, updated the list 12/18 smile

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Score : 44

HAVE: (with code and punch cards)
*The Nun
Cafer Lancer
Chafer Archer
Chafer Foot Soldier
Friar Tubs
Grim Preacher
Felonious Monk

(Also have these non cemetery park figures)
*Minotoror (gold base)

Kanniball Thierry
Kanniball Jav
Kanniball Sarbak
Kanniball Archer
Dreggoog the Downunder
Dragossiper the Nag
Hazwonarm (x2)
Deminoball (gold base)

Young Kerubim (x2)
Joris (x2)
Arthur Bine
Lou (x2)
Old Kerubim (x2)

Count Frigost

Terminatot Wakfu (x2)
Terminatot Stasis (x2)

I also have several of the rare season 1/2 valentines day promo summons tokens I would be willing to trade. Feel free to message me for pictures.  (pink tofu, pink gobball, pink wabbit, etc)

Mopy King

(Also looking for these non cemetery park figures)
=1.5remStrawberry King (and summon)
=1.5remMissiz Freezz
Missiz Burnzz
Emperor Jellix

Darkli Moon
Grampy Shopkeeper
OVA Pack
Goldenrod Terminatot

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Score : 50

- All Season 6 uncommons
- Oropo (x2)
- Elely (x2)
- Ruel – Drhellzerker
- Arpagone – Young
- A ton of Season 1-2 figurines

- Flopin
- Anesthesia
- Season 3-5 figurines in English

I could either trade for or just buy the figurines I'm looking for. I'm from Europe, btw.

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Score : 33

Need Puny Vampire and ALL of season 3

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