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[Chicago] Sat. Oct. 4 12:30pm at Gaming Goat Schaumburg

By Urza#9138 September 22, 2014, 09:18:30
12:30PM, Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gaming Goat Schaumburg
1143 N. Salem Dr
Schaumburg, IL 60194

The store recently moved to a different location in the same strip mall, just a few doors north. It's right next to the jewelry shop now. The sign may or may not move before the tournament, so keep an eye out for storefronts rather than the sign itself.

Entry Fee:
$15 if fewer than 8 players show up or $10 if we have 8 or more players.

Ordinary Swiss tournament. The first three Krosmaster Quest promos (Yugo - Young King, Qilby - Traitor, and Adamaï - Dragon) are all legal as they have been available at conventions and have shipped to people who have preordered Krosmaster Quest online before September 4th. As the other three KQ promos (Phaeris, Cleophee, and Percidal - Percylax) are not yet available in the US, they are not legal for this tournament. Klor Ofil and Goldenrod Terminatot are banned, as is normal. Most likely the tournament will be a Friendly event.

Prize support:
Top 8 - 5x metal kamas
Top 4 - 1x Yugo (NOT Yugo - Young King)
Top 3 - 1x Tofu token
Top 1 - 1x Blocking doll

I have an event set up for the tournament on Google Plus.
Click here
RSVPing here or on the Google Plus event isn't necessary, but it's always nice getting the pre-tournament banter going!

EDIT (10/6/2014)
Phew, it's been a busy couple days!

The tournament went well with an eight player turnout. Here's the final standings:

1st Place
Player: Justin
Team: Ghett Oudaider, Emma Sacre, Ayan, Henual

2nd Place
Player: Will (me)
Team: Yugo - Young King, Ayan, Ayan, Quentin, Quenting, Kivin, Kivin

3rd Place
Player: Logan
Team: Theo, Makum Bah, Ally McZeal

4th Place
Player: Dave
Team: Captain Amakna, Darkness Knight

5th Place
Player: Kevin
Team: Qilby, Raul Bak, Raul Bak

6th Place
Player: Travis
Team: Theo, Ayan, Yugo - Young King, Kivin, Kivin

7th Place
Player: JJ
Team: Qilbiy, Goultard the Barbarian

8th Place
Player: Matt
Team: Poochan, Di Curey, Emma Sacre, Steamy Wonder, Malee Buhrum
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Any other Krosmaster tournaments coming up?! 
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