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[Chicago, IL] New Krosmaster Community at Pastimes!

By October 15, 2014, 19:31:33
Hi everyone! My name is Steven Briggs, and I am the Senior Manager of Operations at Pastimes. While my background is primarily as a senior official for Magic, I have followed and been impressed by the Krosmaster game since its kickstarter. Pastimes is pleased to be taking on the entire Krosmaster line and is looking to help foster a strong community of friendly, terrific players of the game.

Tonight at Pastimes in Chicago, I am running demos and will have copies of Arena and Frigost open and available for people to play. Would love to see both new players and veterans out come and play at the store. As soon as we get our OP kits in, we will start hosting terrific tournaments regularly. With space for upwards of 200 players, we will always have a clean, nice space for you to play in.

As it stands, while Monday nights moving forward are the designated Krosmaster night at Pastimes, I expect that we will have several players come in Wednesdays as well when other board gamers are here. Come join us!
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I'll also be there on Monday the 20th to help out with demoing. biggrin 
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[/b][b]Any Krosmaster tournaments coming up?! 
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Heya! Sorry about the late reply; I do most of the organizing for the Chicago area on the Chicago Area Krosmaster Players Google Plus group as the forums here aren't terribly active and this way the community has access to notifications when tournaments are coming up. Yes, there are still tournaments regularly planned at both Pastimes in Niles and Gaming Goat in Schaumburg. One of the events is later today in Schaumburg, with another tournament next week at Pastimes. Pastimes will also definitely be hosting a St. Ballontin's team tournament, but we're still working out the details on that one.
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