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Chat bubble feedback,

By GinjaaNinjaa#7459 September 28, 2015, 01:04:10
At first I thought this would be a civil way for players interact, but as many have quickly discovered the bad ruin it for the good. The options are limited and are mostly used in a context that is negative. (read opponent being as snarky ass)

But more to the point they spam the ever loving crap out of "stroke of luck" "thanks" (used when you make a bad move) and "Oops" (used when you have bad luck)

Over and over and over.

Simply put we need a mute button. And if you aren't willing to give us that then each message needs to be a one use only.

People spamming this stuff immediately after each message timer is up is annoying.

Even with the old 2d chat I had to mute with the /ignore command to silence the constant sh*t-talk and insults. Granted these are just chat bubbles.

Look, I love playing other players, but any population of players is going to have its "resident a-hole factor" like it or not and if you give them the tools to be tools, they will be.
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I did not know these actually bothered people.... if anything this makes it more like the physical board game and isn't that what you want? When you face people offline they might not actually say anything but will smirk/grin when you make a mistake, some people also will say they you got lucky if you really did so i wonder how you handle that.... it's all part of the game although they might actully say more online since you are not face to face.

I have not even had a single person say stroke of luck to me but they do say oops or hello and it does not at all bother me.
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I'm sure experiences differ based on time of day and number of games played. I often play against the same pool of players frequently because they are on the same time as me. Of that group of players many of them press those buttons at what I consider to be the wrong times.

"Thanks", is meant to be a response to "Nicely Done" not something you say because your opponent just messed up.

"Oops" is something you say when you mess up. Not something you say right as you kill one of your opponents figures.

"Stroke of Luck" is something you say when your opponent get all crits across multiple figures. Not something you say when you are rolling 3x dice and your opponent is rolling 1.

Certainly this is just my opinion on the matter, which is why I'm just posting it as "feedback" but if nothing else the near constant "spam" of messages that I have experienced is something that needs to be addressed, A face to face battle would call for decorum, no such thing exists from the anonymity of online play.
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1.Best chat-"mute button"+"normal TEXT chat"

2.better then now-add emotions and more variants+mute button
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Your feedback is taken into account. We'll probably tweak the chat in the future, and your desire for a mute button has been duly noted (you're not the first one to mention it).
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Dewit|2015-09-29 09:41:42
Your feedback is taken into account. We'll probably tweak the chat in the future, and your desire for a mute button has been duly noted (you're not the first one to mention it).
Cool, and thank you. - In the meantime can we also add a "Whatever" chat bubble as a way to respond to such silly uses of other chat options?

As a little side note, do you think you could make it so it lets the other player know they have been muted? I think it's important they be made aware when this happens in hopes it makes them change their behavior. If a spammer gets a message "muted" then it might make them think about why they have been muted. If they don't know it's happened and they are on the other end spamming away they may never learn how to play nice. Just a thought.
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