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Lacking Information

By D-Racke#5073 October 06, 2015, 21:56:00
Okay, has anyone but me noticed there is no information on any aspect of the online games, arena or adventure? There are NO instructions, explanations of screens, environment, or game play. Hello......why no help files or anything remotely resembling pop up help information. In short this seems to be a game of ' gee, what does this button do?' As a new player to the game I haven't a clue on what opponent means, how players are assigned, how to get into the next adventure. I mean the adventures are supposed to be single player, why am I waiting on a search....and what is that supposed to mean?
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You go to adventure mode first then you choose incarnam and choose the first of the five stages to start the tutorial. There is a bug right now so you might not be able to start the tutorial unfortunately.
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I've done the first one already. I'm trying to start the next, at least now it says 'Server Error' when I try to start the next adventure.
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All those rules and little things like "definitions" have been defined in the real-world boardgame instructions already. Certainly a link to a pdf of said instructions might be helpful for those interested, but this is "beta" and in the end the tutorials are meant as a way to teach you base mechanics and as more adventure modes are added I imagine those might be used to teach the more advanced terminology etc. just like the real-world instruction manuals do.
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