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Common (White Name) Bosses

By hipsher614#4895 October 28, 2015, 17:26:54
When can we expect to be able to recycle the doubles of the new bosses we currently have? (Kitty Rage, Henual, ect.)
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As the Boss list is something that can change and rotate I doubt ever.

Imagine they decide a new figure has made Kitty less dangerous or new figure is made that needs Kitty to step up to the plate to balance things out so she is taken off the Boss list.

Now people make a post calling foul and saying. "When do I get my second Kitty back because I recycled her because I couldn't use two of her now I can!"

So never. And lets be honest, are you REALLY being deprived of those few fragments you would get from her? The meta is better for this change and not getting some free frags is a small price to pay in my opinion.

But that being said I do think there is merit in tweaking the wording on the Boss rule to say that is does not apply to the same named figure. So far there is almost no chance of a common figure that has been "Bossed" of being OP when using two of themselves. That would solve this minor issue and let people still explore the jank that is the "Double-Kitty" team.
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