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More Team composition slots?

By AgresywnyDzik#8215 April 04, 2016, 20:54:41
When I started playing krosmaster online I thought that 2 slots for diffrent teams are okay, but now after getting some more characters to play I think that 2 team slots are definetly not enough. I want to have my 2 teams that I already have and use them in ranked matches, but I also want to make some fun teams like pirate team, kannibal team and stuff like that. Why we have only 2 slots to use? We have too many characters in the game to make only 2 teams.
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Yes please.
I play about 5 teams on a regular basis and want to goof around/experiment with something too.

Not only do I have to switch krosmasters, I gotta change names constantly. It's frustrating, really.
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Not possible on the short term but that's something that we want to do in the future.
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