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By wowxxxxx#1125 May 17, 2016, 03:48:55
Although there are alot of threads on ideas on changes that can be done in krosmasters here i will post some more and i invite people to post to and give feedback aswell !

One thing that can be done is have more AI teams to go up againt to test out some teams. Also the option to choose what krosmasters you get to fight againt would be amazing. The reason for this is that sometimes there is a very long wait to find an opponent because of the diffrent time zones and because matches can possible be 30+min.

Another idea i have is changes to Chrissy Entrinch and Anne Gupp.

It would be cool if everytime an ally fogger targets Chrissy's Turrets it would change element. So it would change like this for every attack starting at water: fire - earth - air then back to water. Either that or change it to armour pierce. I believe a change like this to the harpooners will be good and help them be in more matches and make fights more interesting since you need to predict better and carefully place the turrets to attack/block the enemy for more than just one turn.

A change to Anne Gupp would be that when an ally fogger targets her tacturret it would change weather her spell pushes or pulls the target and maybe change spell range to 1-4 instead of 2-4. That would also be a good way to encourage players to use her more in matches and be more diverse.

For both characters when an ally targets their turrent they dont roll for a crit but the turret does roll for a block.
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I think the fogger idea is pretty good.
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