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Disable chat

By LogidKross87#9788 July 02, 2016, 00:49:07
Why isn't there an option to disable the chat? The ability to communicate is very limited and a lot of people only use it to troll/distract. In other games if I don't want to stand spammers I can silence them but in this I can't and it's annoying.

I just played 2 games vs this kind of players and it's exhausting, please implement it. Thanks.
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Jap, please install a silence mode. Or, as an alternative, install the "shut up"-button...
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I don't see how it bothers you lol............
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Well, we all have our days I guess. I usually find those things amusing, but that day I was quite short of patience and when it started to bother me, I tried to silence it to just focus on my playing, and i was quite surprised that I couldn't do it.
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