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Can we expect any kind of update sometime in the next three months?

By Goggle-Hat#7022 January 21, 2017, 22:34:41
We need new Demonic Rewards, new Krosmasters, new rulings, and an updated boss list. Can we expect that to happen at any point in the next three months at least? I'd hate to give up on this game, but after all this time without the slightest sign that Krosmaster Online will ever move forward, it'd be easy to think it's over.
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its already over, French nationals, season 4 are all released in other parts of the world not in US/ Canada etc. This game is done, they fucked it up.
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Krosmaga's release is scheduled in February, and the first expansion is due in June.

So yeah, I wouldn't expect an update until September tbh.
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