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How to report a bug?

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - April 15, 2015, 10:50:43
During the Krosmaster Arena beta, we must correct as many bugs as we're able to. And your help will be invaluable to find, identify and correct those bugs. We need a certain number of info from your part to do so.

First of all, please make sure your bug hasn't already been reported in the beta bugs section, or in the list of knows bugs.

It is better to complete an existing topic than create a new one every time. One issue, one topic! It will be much easier for us afterwards to find the relevant bugs.

Then, you will need to fill your topic in this way:

Title of the topic: It must be short, clear, and summarize the issue in a few words. Use only letters and numbers for this title, no symbols, please.

Ankama nickname: This is the name that appears when you post on these forums.

Date and time of encounter: This should be as precise as possible, as it can help us find the bug in our data base (especially for bugs that prevent you from playing the game entirely).
Your setup: Please inform us of the kind of computer you're using (PC, Mac, Linux), as well as your current OS (Windows 8.1, Mac OS X,...)
Game version: to get this information, you will need to click the [?] button, at the bottom-left of Krosmaster Arena's updater.
Map, interface and/or figurine concerned: Tell us on which map, or interface, or which figurine, you have encountered the problem.

Bug's description: It should short and explain the problem clearly.
How to reproduce: Please tell us the actions you've taken to encounter the bug. It should be as precise as possible, to allow us to reproduce the bug internally.

As an added bonus, if you can give a screenshot of the bug in action (if relevant), please do so in your topic.

Here's a template you can copy and paste when reporting a new issue.

Ankama nickname:

Date and time of encounter:
Your setup:
Game version:
Map, interface and/or figurine concerned:

Bug's description:
How to reproduce:

Thank you for your help!