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Daily Objective Bug

By Kraud16#8237 January 24, 2016, 01:13:26
Ankama nickname: Kraud 16

Date and time of encounter: Most recently reproduced around 23:50 UTC
Your setup: PC, Windows 7
Game version: 1.8.2
Map, interface and/or figurine concerned: Daily Objective Tab, specifically the Adventure objective.

Bug's description: The "Defeat the X Boss with Y and Z in your team." objective can be completed without defeating the boss.

How to reproduce: If I chose the characters needed to complete the objective, I can enter and exit the battle and the objective will be considered complete. I have defeated all levels with all characters up to Brakmar. (As an example, today I had to defeat Dark Vlad with Pandalia and Di Curey. I have already defeated Dark Vlad with all characters, so I only had to enter and exit the battle with Pandalia and Di Curey in my team to complete the objective.)
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Good catch. We'll see to correct this as quickly as possible.
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