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DR Bug

By D1MO#9976 January 28, 2016, 19:50:37
Sometimes the game doesn't allow me to purchase random DRs, even though there are still DRs in the stack.
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We might need a bit more info to locate the problem.

When you say "random DR", I imagine you're buying from the piles to get a random one. When does this happen? With which character(s)? Does this character have a power that influence the cost or buying of the DR, such as Crafter or Farmer? Has your character already got its maximum amount of DR on himself?

Also: Adventure or ranked play/challenge?

If you ever come across this bug again, we would appreciate that you give us a log (press F3 on the updater), so we can identify the cause easily.

Thanks in advance.
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It happens occasionally in ranked games, and no one on my team has any powers that effect DR's in any way. When I try to select a random DR to purchase, the shop window just closes even though the buying character has enough AP and I have enough Kamas to purchase them. The first time it happened I thought it was because there were no DRs left in the stack, so I bought a revealed one. But, when I did, another DR was revealed, so there were still DRs in the stack after all, I just couldn't purchase a random one. It's a little frustrating, a big part of my strategy is buying many 3 kama DRs, and when this happens it has the potential to ruin a whole game, and it has happened at least six or seven times now.

I think that's all the info I have at the moment, the next time it happens, I'll check the F3 menu. Thanks, and I'll keep you posted.
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