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Krolosium Character Choices

By Thnag#9518 February 21, 2016, 20:22:55
Good afternoon,

I have found that each time I do Krolosium the characters I have to choose from has been reduced from 20 down to 19, then down to 18, then one time down to 17. I understand Doubles is sometimes an option, but I rarely ever see that available.

Clearly, this is a bug.
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I have experienced this myself a couple of times.

I suspect that this happens as the result of either getting 3+ of the same Krosmaster or else getting multiples of Boss/Rare characters. In either case, it's not really fair from a team building perspective, since you have fewer pieces to work with than the average.
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Indeed, this a bug, and we've received a couple of feedback report about it. It must be a quirk in the pool generation formula.

Could you please give us a screenshot of your affected pools, or a a list of the figurines it contained? This should help us figure out where the problem lies.

Thank you in advance.
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I've never had a case where I didn't have 20 Krosmatsers to choose from, but you don't always have 20 DIFFERENT Krosmasters to choose from. Generally when you only see 19 or 18 it's because you got 2x of one or more of your figures.

But yeah, I haven't come across it, but it might be possible to roll multiples or a figure that you can't use multiples of.


Welp, I just ran across this bug.

I don't think it's trying to duplicate multiple boss figures since from what I've seen you generally get a specific numbers of figures at each level slot and I didn't get any level 6s.

Also noticeable is that I generally don't get that many level 1s. 6 level 1s is a lot lol.

Perhaps by chance is there some data for some future figures in the game that it's trying to give you for your 20, but can't since the data is incomplete?


Got another screeny to post

Once again, no level 6s.
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