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Malee Buhrum + Phaeris

By Hmmmvot#8897 March 19, 2016, 13:22:23
ther might be faulty interaction between Mahlee's power 'stain' and Phaeris:

when an opponent's Malee started her turn next to my Phaeris, his power still took effect although it shouldn't have
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No, look here. Although i don't like it working this waysad.
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That I can deal with. The problem was that his power was displayed even when Malee was adjacent, which should not have happened.
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May you tell exactly what you're complaining about?
If it's only the appearing of the visual effect:
The game probably gives you the status as a reminder in Dany o'shun's case to remind you that you started next to him, so if you'd have moved Malee away from Phaeris in any way, Protector of The Purple Claw would have kicked back in
Or did you have any special case, where this makes no sense?
And i think also that the way Stain is working is not really "losing" the powers, but "disable" them.
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