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LeChouque power doesn't work

By AgresywnyDzik#8215 March 29, 2016, 18:39:06
So I've got LeChouque recently and I wanted to try him out on training arena. I picked him and Possessed Goultard to check out his Power "Hoist High" which says: "Each time an allied character suffer at least one damage (red blood marks), LeChouque gain +1 AP"

I started training, I used random Goultard spell to take some damage and nothing happened. I attacked my allied krosmaster and also nothing happened. The enemy krosmaster attacked my Goultard and LeChouque didn't get any bonus AP. Is it training arena bug or whole LeChouque? Do I understand his power right? Should I get bonus AP for the rest of the match or for one turn?

EDIT: Okay, after some playing I see how this works.
When my allied krosmaster got hit, I thought that nothing happened because I didnt see the +1AP thing above my LeChouque because it doeasn't appear, and thats the bug. After allied krosmasters suffer dmg, your LeChouque gets the bonus AP but you dont see the visual effects but he gets the AP on his turn and then after his turn his AP goes back to normal. I think the description is unclear because what I understand, bonus AP should stay forever until the end of the match (by looking at power's description). And also the lack of visual effects that you normally get when you get bonus AP confused me.
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There is indeed a visual hug with his trigger.

However, his ability would differentiate between wounds suffered as a result of an ability or spell effect - and wounds placed as a cost for casting a spell.

Therefore, Goultard le barbare's spells and Coa Gulary's spell will not trigger the ability, while Quentin Flush flipping tails will trigger it. I gotta check the rules regarding powers such as Counter-attack, can't say for sure.
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Currently, rules-wise, Le Chouque's power should work with everything that gives you wounds except :
- wounds that are part of the cost of a spell
- wounds that are traded (Djaul)

I'm not sure about sacrier style, though, I'll have to check when I get back from work.
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