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Piwates and Vlad

By Vlad-Taltos#2341 June 27, 2016, 20:49:43

As far as I know all effects before the game are applied at the same time. This means that the 2 injures from Vlad due to his Iopism power are done at the same time. Doing the damage at the same time combined with the piwates power would end in all piwates being healed (as long as you have three of them). It would be the same as with area attacks affecting more than one piwate

I ask Dedalhus about this before Spanish national tournament and the referees there. All of them confirmed me that piwates should start the game with no damage as they are healed by the others. However, in the online game the damage from Iopism is doing in initiative order, so some of your piwates will have some injures at the start of the game (this usually means that if you use two Hazwonarms they will have one and two injures.

I was confirmed that this is a bug from online game, but it is not have been solved yet. Could you confirm this,please?
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