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Feature request - Set type warnings

By -Foosninja-#8751 December 21, 2016, 19:39:22
Okay so an issue that has cost me several games, is figuring out what set types Krosmasters who already have rewards, have.

Specifically, when I buy a reward, of course a Krosmaster can't equip a reward that it already has one of. Currently there is no indicator as to which rewards or reward types each Krosmaster has, when you get to the point where you assign a purchased reward to one of your Krosmasters. This is very problematic as it frequently leads to inadvertently assigning a reward to someone who can't use it because they already have a reward of that particular type. Now I do realize this can be avoided if players have perfect memories (which I don't), or if after the player decides which reward they want to buy, if before they buy it they select the Krosmaster they want to assign it to, to verify which gear they currently have. The problem with this is TIME, you have a limited amount of time to make selections, if the first Reward you check turns out to be one you already have on the Krosmaster you wanted to assign it to, you now have to either go back and see if there is either a different reward available he can use, or see if you have a different Krosmaster who can use that reward, and check which gear that Krosmaster has equipped. It is very easy to run out of time making your decision if your first or second choice aren't available.

If there was some assistance like showing which rewards all your Krosmasters have already when viewing the rewards available for purchase, this would be idea, but would require coding a whole new interface. Of course the game could maybe not allow you to assign a duplicate to the same Krosmaster, but this is technically "legal", and possibly useful, because a person may be buying a reward to keep his opponent from getting it with no plans of using it himself, and storing it on a Krosmaster who already has that reward type may be the best option due to limits. So maybe the best simple fix would be to at least as a warning, if you attempt to assign a reward to a Krosmaster who already has that reward type and allow a "Cancel Purchase" option. This would help alleviate purchasing frustrations.
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