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Beta: gameplay troubles

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - October 06, 2017, 17:10:18
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The Mosquito Punch doesn't cure the caster if it is launched on an empty cell.

EDIT: I don't know if it works if is launched on something, I haven't already tried it.
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It's implemented as 'Lifesteal', since it's heals by two when rolled crit, as i wrote somewhere.
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Invisible Chafer gets damaged by Dark Vlad at the beginning despite not standing near anyone.
He also suffers from activating Demonic Rewards despite it.
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There is a graphical error each time you open the rewards panel. It appears to be the elements of the rollout you get when hovering over a reward to see it's description folded up behind the main reward menu. Probably just a layering issue. The pieces sit just in front of the bottom 2 reward displays and can not usually be noticed until all the reward slots have been revealed.
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I'm not quite caught up with some rules, but previously one could use 2x Boo Ming to spawn a total of 4 Bombs, but if you used f.e. King of Gobballs and Royal Gobball they could spawn Gobballs to their own maximum amount.
With the new rules, as i heard it doesn't discriminate whether it's Gobballs or Crobaks f.e.
But why does it now apply to bombs too?
Bomb-spam-teams were never strong.
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1) Gobball( the evocation) kills Sphinter Cell's turtle and get 2 kama of loot. This shouldn't happen.

2) Don't know why but when Invisible Chafer cast his spell the total amount of damage made to the enemy character targeted appears for a second.
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Regarding the point #1, the new rules state the following:

4.9.29.a. This Power means: “If one of your Game Pieces KO’s an opposing
Game Piece with this Power, take X Kamas from the reserve and
add them to your stock”.

So in this case, it's right.
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I see dark Vlad continues with its bugs in the power Iopism.
- As previously said, at the start of the game he also must do 2 damage to himself.
- The power Iopism applies to all your allies at the same time at the beginning of the turn. This means that if you have 3 or more Piwates they will be healed 2 wounds each by their Brethren of the Coast, i.e., they suffer no damage from Iopism. However, Iopism is still applied in initiative order, so the Piwates with lower initiative are not fully healed. I asked Dedhalus about this a long time ago and he confirmed that Iopism is applied at the same time, so Piwates are healed (in fact, they were obviously design to play with Dark Vlad!).
I would be very happy if this bug is finally solved.
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There is a logout bug that allows petulant players to lag out the clock to the point that it never hands over control to the next player. It consistently happens with the same players that logout/quit when it's obvious they will lose next turn. It's always been an issue and there are a number of players that know how to exploit the generous timeout-lagout protocols put in place. If it happened constantly I would say it was just connection issues, but I only see this happen when they are about to lose, so rather than surrender I see them log out and log back in over and over in and it confuses the system and freezes the clock timer. Luckily logging out and back in forces the system to advance the turn, but the fact that I can name the players and when they are about to do it makes me think it's a known exploitable bug to troll other players. Worth looking into.
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The Nun's third spell doesn't destroy all the tombs after it use. 
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