If gaming hadn’t already existed, Ecaflip would have invented it! Descendre 18, also known as Play Day, is your opportunity to pay tribute to the god of luck. A Krosbox of Destiny awaits you in the Shop* until December 20: Pray to Lady Luck and maybe you’ll have a chance of finding your favorite Ecaflip in it!


Dani O'Shun, Kerub Crepin, Naz Rael, Grampy, and Quentin Flush: who will you find in your Krosboxes of Destiny?
You will have to trust to luck to fully take advantage of the abilities of Dani O’Shun, Quentin Flush and Kerub Crepin when it comes to dealing serious damage! Why don’t you try playing on Kerub Crepin’s double rolls? As for Grampy, now there’s a warrior whose style changes at the start of every turn! And Naz Rael is the kind of cool cat who never lets go of his prey once he has it in his claws.
A Krosmaster player is not afraid of challenges, particularly when the whole day is sacred to the Meridia Sebsokk! So don’t hold back! Up until December 20 (23:59), get your Krosbox of Destiny from the Shop* right now! For just 800 Ogrines, why not try the luck of the draw!
“Please note that players with a Steam account MUST purchase this Krosbox from the ingame Shop and pay for it using their Steam Wallet so that their purchase is credited to the right account.