After the Season format, we're now unveiling the Eternal format. Which characters will be there? How will you build your teams? We'll tell you what to expect in two words.

As a reminder for those who haven't kept up: we've already told you about the Season format, which only uses Krosmaster's most recent seasons, accompanied by its own Boss and Ban List, and offers you a constantly renewing gaming experience. Today, we're talking about its opposite: the Eternal format, where the figurines from all the seasons get together (including the profiles that were updated in the Eternal Deck).

We can then start with something that you're probably waiting for: the Boss and Ban List for the Eternal Format. And well… there isn't one!

We want this format to be the place where you can discover slightly insane synergies, dare to use the most powerful combinations, or those which never existed in Season format (like mixing Wild Realms and Season 1 in with them, for example).

But we also want this format to be the opportunity to play with all the figurines, and not just the most powerful.

The cards from the Eternal Deck are a first step toward that, which pulls up the weaker figurines and weakens the overly powerful ones. And in addition, some important work on the format proposed for Eternal will complete the change: we're going to put in place a new way to classify Krosmasters.


One, two, and three stars


All of the figurines (except those with a red name, illegal in tournaments) have been divvied up into 3 categories, each one having a value expressed in stars. So there are figurines with 1, 2, and 3 stars.

Before starting a tournament (or a game between friends) using the Eternal format, you must choose the maximum number of stars permitted. And you can't have any characters in your team who have more stars than the chosen limit. Also, if you're playing "Eternal 2 stars", it's possible to have 1- and 2-star Krosmasters in your team, but not 3-star Krosmasters.

As you've surely understood, if you want to play with no restrictions, you can play Eternal 3 stars, where all figurines are allowed.

However, if you're looking for a format to play figurines that are less present elsewhere, don't hesitate to have a go at Eternal 1 star. And the middle option, Eternal 2 stars, will offer you an experience between the two extremes.

Finally, the Eternal format offers you a variety of possibilities and styles, in order to renew the pleasure of playing. We'd really like to provide a framework for people who want to play with all the Krosmaster figurines.

The system presents several advantages:

  1. We're offering a game environment that respects the Eternal philosophy; in other words, we're giving a chance to shine to as many characters as possible. This completes the work that was started by revamping the characters. If you want to get out some characters that haven't been played much elsewhere, play Eternal 1 star. If you want to play with mad synergies between Poochan and Black Crow, start an Eternal 3 stars match.
  2. It corresponds to the vision we have for Eternal: a rather friendly atmosphere, which offers a choice of cards, as much for people at home as for the communities of players who want a change from the Season format (the principal tournament format).
  3. It's a system that doesn't exclude any figurines and is capable of accepting future releases without a problem.

You'll find the list of the figurines and their rankings by number of stars by following the link below.

Eternal List

Have fun!


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Kfull 30 May 2017 19:49
Characters like Black Crow and King Nidas still boses? Or there's no boses in the format?
garforeto 30 May 2017 20:10
I'm very pleased with these changes =D
bluetornado 30 May 2017 23:20
now this will be a fun new concept for begginers and a great new rule to balance out the summons restriction!
AluisioCSantos 30 May 2017 23:24
Nice way to both balance out and let people duke it as they please with tools they're given.
-Foosninja- 31 May 2017 06:48
And here I thought that each team having 12 total levels worth of Krosmasters was how the game has been balanced since forever. But not now. So I'm guessing the new 3-star system is going to do away with bothering to try to balance the figures....instead we'll just throw them over the fence to the public, decide how unbalanced they are and give them star ratings?

What does this mean?
1 Star - Only some percentage of Krosmasters will be playable and presumably balanced I'm guessing here 33% of the figures will be around 1 star.

2 Star - 33% will be able to compete in a relatively balanced sense at 2 stars.

and 3 Stars - The top 33% will smash it out here. Well it's an improvement. What we currently have is really just he 3 star environment - and the 1 and 2 star figures just don't ever get played. Now they'll have their own club to play in. I have to say....if they're not going to bother balancing figures, then this solution is probably the next best thing.
Instead of a rich 120 figure play environment we wind up with three 40 figure play environments. I view it as an improvement over what was....but not as good as if they'd have just tried a little harder to make all figures 2-star. Or 1 star, or 3 star.....just all the same power value. This is an interesting turn of events. Can't say I'm 100% behind it. I think it represents a bit of a problem situation for new players......but it's definitely better than the nothing they were doing before about balance problems.
-Foosninja- 31 May 2017 06:59
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if I want to play the Knights....Darkness knight and two other knights. Unless I'm playing Flame knight, I'll be playing 2 level 1's and one level 2....which will make the team a level 2 team dispite 2 of the three figures being level 1. And I realize you could do this with any combo...but the Knights is the original first season "Group" and it's now existing in between level obscurity. The words of praise that jump to mind the more I look at this method of balacing things is: "Better than nothing".
Serenaso 31 May 2017 12:21
A power tier system that throws the Boss list restrictions out of the window and is suspiciously redundant with rebalanced cards...
You guys really have no longer idea where to go with this game anymore, do you?
With so many aleatory ruling and everchanging stuff, no way this can go back on track
It was worth a dream anyway... back to Pokemon i go!
Axl-Alchemist 31 May 2017 17:06
Kfull|2017-05-30 19:49:39
Characters like Black Crow and King Nidas still boses? Or there's no boses in the format?

I want to know that to.....
-DragonsBr-KingJr 31 May 2017 19:36
I was very disappointed with these changes.

I love using weak miniature.

However of the way this one, they will always use the same strong miniature of mode 1 star.

They will still have miniature that will not be used, which for me becomes totally flawed.

The 3 star mode is an absurd retrogression, I play since the beta version, when there were no demonic rewards. Today, after 5 years, I see a ridiculous change, in the sense of allowing the old and ridiculous teams, such as:
Yugo (1+ dmg per eliatrop) + thio + 2xkivin + grougarolagran + quenty.

We also have Kitty's old team:
Luk + henual + kitty rage + 2xQuenty + Koa / Barden / Djaul / others lv 1.
Now Henual will be able to buff Kitty and make the quenty attack all shifts, pushing 1x the kitty and 1x the quenty, easily causing 11 damage without risk of dying and without needing a buff, with only two miniatures at a distance of 9 Range (2 by luk, 3 by movement, 4 by range).

Julith + Get Outher + Henual + 2 point ...
Bakara + Henual + Kitty + Steamer Wonder
Black Crow + Henual + Kitty + 1 Point ...

There are also other old and new disgusting teams, which will make the format 3 star, rotate around always from these same teams, as was the case before the Boss List existed.

Finally I ask ...

Can use only one 3-stars miniature in the 3 star model? Or how many I want?

Because if this is true, it is total stupidity, it is much more preferable a boss list.

The Boss name on the card will be ignored like the Season mode?

I'm sorry, but it seems like these people who make the rules, do not play the game, or want to discourage them from playing.

I am an organizer, I taught more than 60 people and I am a great producer of content in my country. Here the launch of Season 1, was later than Season 3 (on board game), that is, they are resentful, and this announcement will simply That stop buying, after all, want to end the list of boss, then do a tremendous stupidity to release everything in 3-star mode, I certainly will never play 3-star mode exactly because it is an experienced player and know that it becomes a foul game And disheartening, as I have already mentioned, which happened years ago.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, after all, this text has been translated (mistranslated), by google translater.

Thank you.
-Foosninja- 01 June 2017 02:43
[Dewit]|2017-05-31 00:23:49
I'll just remind you, because it's not quite clear in your explanation, that if you can select a character with X stars, you can also select characters with less star than that. Say, if you're plaing 2 stars Eternal, you can also add characters from the 1 star category. 

Also: bear in mind this is for Eternal format, and the list is not immovable (depending on player feedback). In Season, there will still be new releases, adjustments to Boss/Ban list, etc.

Okay so I believe the original intent of the game was that evey level Krosmaster would be tactically at a power level comeserate with it's physical level.   And balance between teams (for a fair game) was achieved by both players picking 12 total levels worth of Krosmasters.      ---  But due to poor design/playtesting this balance was not achieved.

Now I thought the goal of the Eternal Pack was to set this right, and it appeared to me that corrections were made in the right direction to fix the original problems the OP (Over powered) Krosmasters were weakened, and the UP(Under Powered) Krosmasters were strenghtened.   But it appears (and I'm guessing now) that those changes weren't strong enough in many cases to achieve balance.

But now given this thread, it appears that Ankama's goal wasn't to balance the Krosmasters but to instead leave them unbalanced and make a tiered system where there are Strong, medium, and weak Krosmasters of each level.  Called "1-Star, 2-Star, and 3-Star" figures.   And to achieve balance you may not have any Krosmasters of higher star count on the lesser star classified matches.   

But here is the problem with that:   If one player builds his team with all medium, (2-Star) Krosmasters he will be inherently stronger than someone who build his team with ONE 2-star Krosmaster and several 1 star Krosmasters.    (And the example I gave was a season 1 theme team of Darkness Knight (2-star) and Leaf knight (1-star) and Drop Knight(1-Star), in which 2 of the three pieces on this team are underpowered for a 2-Star team.   Another 2-Star team made up entirely of 2-star figures will be stronger.  (assuming the star tiers are correct....and I have no reason to think they aren't.)   So a designed theme team (the Knights) will have a hard time competing in this system because their component figures are in different strength categories.   And the Brotherhood of the Tofu suffer this same problem.   Yugo is 2-star and the rest are 1-star.    This tiered system just seems to be an admission of defeat in attempted balancing.   An excuse for not doing a good job in the balancing effort.   I'll admit it is better than the way things are's a step in the right direction, but this star system seems to indicate that Ankama both knows that the figures are not well balanced, and has given up trying to balance them.