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recent News

After two years of tournaments and national championships in France and abroad, Krosmaster is hitting new heights: the first World Championship will be held the 21st and 22nd of March at our Roubaix location. As a bonus, mini-tournaments on the side and exclusively, the Season 3 figurines!

Due to problems during development, the release of Krosmaster Quest is pushed back to a further date. 

It took a week of intense battle to determine who won our online tournament… Each of the three winners will go back home with some virtual promo figurines. But who are these three players? 

Now that Season 2 has landed online, it’s time for us to shake up the things a little… We’re organizing an online tournament! From October 6th to October 13th, come and play online to win some virtual promo figurines!

You want them, you need them, and now they’re here: every single Krosmaster Season 2 figurine is now playable online! And they have brought new rules and a few guests with them… Get ready, for the game is about to change drastically! 

Say hello to the youngest of our games: Krosmaster Junior! For younger players who wants to learn, this little box contains 7 different fun minigames, for 2 to 4 players. And the four exclusive figurines it contains can be played in every other Krosmaster game! 

Two new arenas, never-before seen backgrounds, kamas galore, and free-riding wagons: the conquest of the Krosmoz goes through the Not Mines! But beware: in the belly of Amakna, the rules change! Discover all about it today in the Ankama Shop!

Drum roll. Tense silence in the audience. Palms are sweaty. The host takes just a little too long to open the envelope… Here it is, the final results of Skratchmaster are about to be announced! 

After three month of hard work for artist all over the world and dozens of creations… It’s time for you to vote! Tell us which ones are your favorite, and help them win on the of the three Community’s prize! 

Starting next week, we will open a special Beta test server for Krosmaster online, in order to add the new season 2 figurines progressively in the game. And we need your help to find the bugs that may have crawled inside the code! 

Skratchmaster is still going strong, and we have received some magnificent entries. In order to let you finish your dioramas, we have decide to extend the contest deadline until June 30th. So get back to work! 

New season, new rules! As Season 2 slowly approaches its release, we have decided to dust up the rules a little bit, making the game more balanced and changing the metagame. Discover all the new rules here!

As some of you might have seen last week-end at the Ankama Convention, Krosmaster Arena’s online version is evolving: a brand new 3D version that can play anywhere and anytime you want on your tablet! If you’d like to know more, keep reading for more explanations and a video trailer!

Let’s have a look back at the Xelors that we revealed last week… and on the whole spoiler campaign, since we are at the end of the road!

We declare the Skratchmaster contest open! For the next two months, send us picture of your custom-made diorama using Krosmaster figurines, and try to gain some amazing prizes. You can also vote for your favorite creation, and allow them to gain even more prizes! 

Now that the charming Pandawas have finished their drinks, at last it’s time for Xelors to show up on our Facebook spoilers!

We are now leaving the Osamodas behind to present you the Pandawas. Keep your beer keg ready, and see you on our Facebook page for more spoilers!

A new website means learning new habits and adapting to change. The Support team would like to help you out, save some of your time, and simplify your life with a video tutorial!

We had plenty of time to admire the Enutrofs last week. It’s now time for the Osamodas to shine on our Facebook page!

Last week, we were unveiling the young and hip Eliatropes. Let’s have a last look at them before the old and cranky Enutrofs take their place!

Last week is over, but another week begins! This time, we will show you a couple Eliatropes, and have a look back at those Foggernauts turrets we keep hearing about…

Our tournament is now over! Thanks to all of you, you have played a lot of games this week! And now, it's time for us to unveil who are the best players... Are you one of the three winners who gets a virtual Terminatot figurine?

For a week already, we have given you spoilers about Krosmaster Season 2, and we won’t stop here! Let’s have a look back to those previous spoilers (with new informations), and kick off the Foggernaut’s week…